Transport Canada states, in order to hold a Recreational Pilot License, you must have reached your sixteenth birthday. To be issued a Private Pilot License, you must have reached your seventeenth birthday and in order to hold a Commercial pilots License, you must have reached your eighteenth birthday. For the Private License, and Recreational Permit, our age enrolment policy is that of Transport Canada. However, for the Commercial License, we require that you be either nineteen years of age, or eighteen year of age and a High School Graduate. If you have not obtained a high school diploma, you must be nineteen years of age to enroll in either the Commercial or the Instructor Programs.


You must meet certain requirements. If you are in good health things will go smoothly. Some people discover they are partially color blind and this might restrict them to day flying only. Your eyesight must be correctable with required lenses. Contact lenses are O.K. To maintain your Recreational Permit you must pass a Category 4 routine medical every 5 years, or every 2 years if you are 40 years of age or over. The Private Pilot License requires a Category 3 medical and is valid for 5 years, or every two years if you are 40 years of age or over. The Commercial Pilot License requires a Category 1 medical and is valid for 1 year, or every 6 months if you are 40 years or over.

International Student Flight Training

Application Process

Some International students will require a Temporary Study Permit and Temporary Residency to enter Canada for flight training.
1. Scan in and email us a copy of your passport including your picture, to
2. Complete the “Student Information Form” and email to us to
3. After we receive your passport and personal information we will notify you if you have been accepted to attend our flight school. We have an International Student Application fee of $150.00. You can submit payment by Interbank transfer or Western Union.

See attached banking information. Once we have received your application fee we will issue you a Letter of Acceptance. You will have to give us your anticipated course start date and completion date as we have to list these dates on your Letter of Acceptance.

These documents will now form part of your application package which you will take to the Canadian Embassy for their review and acceptance.

They will then decide if they will allow you to travel to Canada for flight training. The more complete your application, the better chance you have of attaining permission to travel to Canada.

It is recommended that you complete a Transport Canada, Canadian Category 1 aviation medical prior to starting the student visa application process.

This should be done in your country. If you do not have a Canadian aviation medical examiner in your country then you can have it done when you arrive in Vancouver, Canada. If you have it done in Vancouver when you arrive it could take 3 weeks or more to have it approved by Transport Canada.

You can begin flight training but you cannot do solo flight without your medical. See attached “Documents for Students” for a list of approved Transport Canada doctors in your area. Please send us a copy of your Transport Canada medical once you receive it.

You should have good English language skills. You will have to pass an Aviation English Language test when you arrive at our school before you begin flight training.

Before departing for Canada you must arrange for life insurance, travel and health insurance for your time here in Canada. Please email us copies of your insurance coverage.

You should make arrangements with your bank to allow you access to your money so that you can withdraw money from your account or use your (International) credit card while you are in Canada.

Course Duration:

Duration of courses will depend on full-time attendance, weather, the student’s personal ability, finances etc.

The Private Pilot License (PPL) can be completed in 8 weeks of full-time attendance…an average would be 12 weeks.

The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) can be completed in approximately 6 months of full-time attendance. An average would be 8-10 months.

The PPL and CPL can be completed in approximately 10-12 months.

A short message to all applicants:

I hope you will find this of some help. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to email our student resources department and we will be glad to help you with any questions. We at Island Coastal Aviation Inc. look forward to meeting you and helping you reach your aviation goals.

Good Luck,

Tom Drybrough
General Manager