Pitt Meadows Airport

Located at 18799 Airport Way Pitt Meadows BC V3Y 2B4, Pitt Meadows Airport is located very close to the most common practice areas used during flight training. This reduces the time spent on the way to the practice area, and as a result, reduces the cost of flight training. 

Island Coastal Aviation Flight School

The beginnings of Pitt Meadows Regional Airport date back to May 1961, when the Department of Transport announced its decision to build a new airport at Pitt Meadows that would serve as a satellite to Vancouver International Airport.

It would also have a seaplane base on the adjacent Fraser River. The site was 704 acres [285 hectares] in the area and, initially, the airport was to have two graded landing strips, 2,500 by 50 feet, one gravel and the other grass.

Pitt Meadows is thirty-two kilometers (approx. 20 miles) northeast of Vancouver International Airport and serves the area north of the Fraser River from Mission to and including Vancouver. It is a general aviation satellite airport, catering to flying training, aircraft maintenance businesses, and commercial charter operations. A new parallel asphalt runway, 08R-26L, was opened in June 1970, and today, the airport has three asphalt runways: 08L-26R, 2,485 by 75 feet, 08R-26L, 5,003 by 100 feet (extended in 1986, 400 by 100feet) and 18-36, 2,484 by 75 feet. A portable control tower began operations in September 1967, and the permanent tower was opened in August 1969. In 1975 a new seaplane ramp was built providing access to the airport for float aircraft.