• Where are you located?
    We are located in the main terminal building of Pitt Meadows airport. Our address is 12 – 100 18799 Airport Way. Please visit the “Contact Us” page for a link to Google Maps.

  • Do I have to hold a Medical Certificate before I start?
    The medical certificate is not required before you start the program, however, we strongly recommend candidates to finish the medical exams before they start their program. The medical exam can be done by a Transport Canada Civil Aviation Medical Examiner.

  • Can I get a job at the school after graduating?
    We do not guarantee employment opportunities. We seek to hire our own graduates who have during their training and in the recruitment process shown exceptional levels of ethics, dedication, and teamwork. Please visit the “Careers” page to learn more.

  • Can I visit your school?
    Yes! Please stop by to see our facilities. Please call ahead to ensure that a staff member will be on-site to assist you.

  • Programs

  • What do you mean by minimum requirements?
    These are criteria set by Transport Canada in terms of the minimum knowledge, skill, and experience to be eligible to apply for a licence, rating, or permit. Hardly ever does a candidate reach the required levels of proficiency and safety within the Transport Canada minimums.

  • Can start directly with Commercial Pilot Licence?
    No, a Private Pilot Licence is a prerequisite for admission to the Commercial Pilot Licence program.

  • Can I choose any aircraft for my training?
    Candidates have a say in the type of aircraft they wish to fly as long as the safety of the flight and the aim of the lesson are not jeopardized. By the end of the licence programs, most students can fly almost all of our airplanes.

  • Why are the program costs and duration provided as estimates only?
    Flight training is a highly performance-based education. This means that each candidate's training will be different from others. The duration and the cost of the program depend on numerous factors including the candidate's dedication and commitment.

  • How often are classes held?
    Upon registration, you will be given access to our online scheduling system using which you can make reservations with your flight instructor and/or the airplane. Depending on the stage of your training your instructor will advise you on the next lesson and type of instruction. Please visit our "Programs" page to learn more.

  • Do I get a degree after graduation?
    Depending on the program you have graduated from, candidates obtain either a licence, permit, or a rating. Please visit the "Programs" page to learn more.

  • Admission

  • When is the next intake?
    We have adopted a continuous intake model. This means that admissions are always open. Program start dates are determined based on availability of resources and demand. We recommend international applicants consider the Study Permit Processing Times.

  • Can I apply for admission to the Commercial Pilot Licence program with a foreign Private Pilot Licence?
    Yes! Foreign Private Pilot Licence (PPL) holders may apply for a Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC) for the purpose of flight training in Canada. The Foreign Licence Validation Certificate (FLVC) cannot be endorsed with a rating.

  • Finance

  • Do I have to prepay my tuition?
    We do not require prepayment of tuition. Applicants may deposit any amount of their choice on their account with the school if they wish. Payments must be made following each session.

  • International Students

  • Will I get a refund if my visa is rejected?
    Yes. Applicants will receive a refund of their prepaid tuition less the administrative fee if proof of visa rejection is provided. For more information please see our admission guide.

  • What if I cannot be present for my start date?
    If you cannot be present for your program's start date, please email our admission office with your requested updated start date and the reason why you are not able to be present for your program's start date. Following the receipt of your request, a decision will be made regarding your deferral request. Please read the admission guide for more information.

  • Does the school provide accommodations?
    Unfortunately, we do not provide accommodations, however, we have provided some resources on the "Accommodations" page that may be of help.

  • How can I convert my foreign licence to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA)?
    Most license conversions are done directly through Transport Canada. The flight school’s role in the process would be to guide you or perhaps provide additional training to develop your skill or knowledge to the level required by the Canadian Aviation Regulations. To convert your FAA license to TCCA, please read the following Advisory Circular from Transport Canada. To convert your Foreign License (other than FAA) from an ICAO contracting state, please visit the Transport Canada website regarding licencing for foreign pilots.

  • Can I work while studying?
    Yes, international students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week provided it is stated so on their study permit and they meet all other eligibility criteria.

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