The following are some useful resources to learn about housing in Canada before you begin your search.



As it is difficult to settle on a long-term housing option before arriving in British Columbia, the following short-term options may be ideal until you are able to find your long-term stay.

Some short-term options would include:


In a homestay, you would be typically renting a room from a host in a multi-bedroom unit. Some hosts may also provide meals as a part of the deal, and some do not. Newcomers may find this option suitable as it enables them to learn more about the local customs through their host. Some candidates find this a suitable option for the long-term too. Please learn more about this via the Canada Homestay Network.


Finding a long-term accommodation may be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the housing market of British Columbia. The BC Newcomer’s Guides provide great information about finding a place to live.

The following are some resources that can be used to aid you in the search:

Please ensure that you have read sufficiently regarding housing in Canada and BC.

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