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Island Coastal Aviation Inc. is one of the best flight schools in Canada specializing in advanced flight training, including floatplane/seaplane, mountain, night, IFR Rating and more. We can help you get your Private Pilot’s License and or your Commercial Pilot’s License. It is an experience and an achievement you will never forget! Perhaps you will begin to appreciate that nothing is for nothing and the only things that are with having are the one’s you really have to work hard for. Your Pilot’s License is exactly that!

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Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP)

This program is designed for those seeking the fastest way to be able to fly a single-engine aeroplane recreationally.

Private Pilot License (PPL)

This program is for those looking to fly for leisure with the possibility of expanding your skills later on by adding ratings to your license.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Want to make flying your career? This program is the minimum requirement to work as a pilot.

Flight Instructor Rating

If you have a passion for teaching, this program may be for you. Add to your knowledge and experience through teaching.

Seaplane Rating

If you have long cherished the dream of becoming a floatplane pilot, one of our seaplane programs may be just what you are looking for!

Instrument Rating (IFR)

Expand your skills and knowledge by learning about Instrument Flight Rules. This is one of the most common requirements for airline recruitment.

VFR Over The Top (OTT)

This program enables the rating holder to fly over the clouds.

Night Rating

No more day restrictions, get your Night Rating and enjoy the beauty of night flying.

Seminars and Ground School

Learn more about the various seminars or ground school classes we offer.

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