Our Fleet

We operate a fleet of 6 aircraft and 1 flight simulator maintained to the highest levels of safety. Please visit the Tuition page on our website to learn about the aircraft and instructor rates.

Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 is arguably the best aircraft for flight training. This four-seater, high-wing aircraft was first manufactured in 1956 and remains in production today. The 172 flies smoothly and is easy to learn in. 

We operate 3 of these aircraft.

  • C-FEFY
  • C-GYPN
  • C-GMUF




Cessna 172 Float

Considering that most people have received their training on the Cessna 172, we find operating the same aircraft would make the transition from land to sea much smoother, the Cessna 172 Float is an ideal cost-effective aircraft for seaplane training.

We operate 1 of these aircraft.

  • C-GKNH

Cessna 152

The Cessna 152 is a two-seater that succeeded the 150. Although slower than the 172, the 152 is more nimble making it ideal for maneuvers.

We operate 1 of these aircraft.

  • C-GMSD

Cessna 150

The Cessna 150 precedes the 152. This two-seater aircraft is very similar to the 152 which means it is a nimble and cost-efficient training aircraft.
We operate 1 of these aircraft.
  • C-GEJK


The DCX MAX is the newest AATD cockpit system on the market. The functionality rivals most flight training devices and full flight simulators. The system boasts an impressive list of standard and optional features that make it the most advanced trainer in its class. The DCX MAX represents the ultimate value for flight schools or universities that require maximum versatility, functionality, and fidelity. 

Our simulator has been certified by Transport Canada to conduct Instrument Rating Renewals (IPC).

  • Precision Flight Controls DCX MAX
    • Cessna 172 Cockpit
    • Piper PA-34 Cockpit